I am networking with a cause. I would like this network to be everyone's network considering that the reason this network was founded– Is to share what Christ has done in my life, to reach out to those who haven’t heard the good news, and to contribute towards building up the body of Christ, My Family.

God has done such an unbelievable amount of good in all of our lives, whether we realize it or not, these limitless blessings have filled me with passion, a passion for writing and blogging reaching out to others so that they can hear truth itself and let that truth set them free. So that their eyes can be opened; that they may be able to see the good that they are so consistently given.

My goal, like Christ’s is to be a servant, to serve by taking part in building up the body of Christ like we all are called to do. To let anyone who wants to be promoted, be promoted. So that we can all succeed in building each other up, in building up the body of Christ, in letting our word be heard, so that God’s goodness can be proclaimed.

This network will get promoted along with everyone else's network, we are called to work in unity and that’s how the biggest impact will be made. I hope that your goal, like mine, is to take part in God’s plan of reaching out to the world for the better.